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The Surrealist Jewelry Designer

Love it or Loathe it?

If you want to get people talking, all you need is to start wearing jewelry by Londoner Percy Lau. The second-year jewelry design student, who is to accessories what Dali was to painting, has created miniature body parts as accessories. 

Picture a tiny ear worn as an earring, a mouth, a nose, even a penis. 

"My inspirations come to me in a split second and if I like it, I make it," said Lau. "I base my designs on 'having a laugh,' so that might be a reason why I come up with weird things."

While many find her creations quirky, many more are 'grossed out' by the eerie (no pun) concept. Lau, who uses a type of clay called super sculpey, fashioned an ear brooch because people "need to listen more."

Her quirky body part line, which also includes items like 3D glasses and a bracelet made out of tiny Mao, is available for sale on Etsy and ranges between $24-$42.

Icky or inspired? Would you wear this jewelry?