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The Baby Food Diet

Baby Food Ideal for Weight Loss

Fad diets are as fickle as fashion itself. Cabbage soup, that God awful lemonade-maple-syrup-cayenne-pepper potion, the acai berry cleanse...

But the latest trendy diet in Europe might surprise you. Known as the "baby food diet" it involves basically eating, well, what your baby does -- pureed fruits and veggies, up to 14 times a day. Even more surprising, unlike some of its contemporary quick fixes, nutritionists say this diet isn't all that bad for you.

"Food that makes a baby grow is pretty good food," said Dr. Samuel Klein, Director, Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis.

Typically baby foods don't have much added sugar, sodium or preservatives. And because fruits and vegetables are baby food staples, dieters won't be lacking in these often-neglected food groups.

Concocted by celeb trainer, Tracy Anderson, the diet gained popularity last spring after Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga were rumoured aficionados. British celebrity Cheryl Cole was the latest star to jump on the baby food bandwagon. UK grocer Ocado noted a significant increase in baby food sales before and after Cole got on board the craze.

"While Ocado cannot categorically state this uplift was due to media discussion around the diet, there was a confirmed sales spike," claimed an Ocado spokesperson.

Because most infant food comes in small, store-bought jars, there is less chance of overindulging. But seriously, how much fun can it be to eat baby food all day every day? It's hardly a diet that can be maintained and sustained in the long term.

Jim White, a registered dietician and spokesman for the American Dietetic Association, suggested that baby food be used as snack, not a meal substitute.

"Who wants to eat baby food 14 times a day?" said White. "We've got to enjoy ourselves too, and chew our food. It's just not liveable, unless you're in a retirement home."

Mummies deserve to baby themselves but this could be taking it a bit too far.

Do you think the baby food diet is safe? Would you try it to shed a few nagging pounds?