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Tanning Mom Says You're Just Jealous

Proof is in the Pigment

By now you've all heard the story and seen the hideous pictures of Patricia Krentcil, the 'tannorexic' mother from New Jersey who pleaded not guilty to allowing her 6-year-old daughter to tan on a sun bed. 

But wait, it gets better. The 44-year-old mahogany mom has lashed out at her critics, saying "they're jealous, they're fat and they're ugly." 

Krentcil, who maintains her innocence and called the accusation that she endangered her daughter "preposterous," even as she remains the butt of media jokes. (Snooki said, "the b*tch is crazy," while comedian Kristen Wiig couldn't resist parodying Krentcil on a recent Saturday Night Live sketch.)

"I'm a great mother, and I would never do that to my child," Krentcil said after her daughter told friends at school that she got sunburned while tanning with her mom. Krentcil argues that her fair daughter merely accompanied her to the salon, but got 'some sun' while playing outside. Tanning is illegal in the state for under 14s.

Hmm. Innocent till proven guilty, or is the proof in the pigment?