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Sesame Street's Hungry Muppet

Growing Hope Against Hunger

We are pretty damn lucky people, on the whole.

This weekend, as you stuff yourself senseless with pumpkin pie and ride the turkey hangover, remember to count your lucky stars for such bounty.

Sesame Street is out to remind us just how good we've got it. They've created a new muppet called Lily to star in the puppets' upcoming prime-time special, “Growing Hope Against Hunger.”

In the hour-long special, the new puppet describes to Elmo and friends what it's like "growing up in a home where there isn’t always enough food to eat".

According to the USDA, in 2010 up to 16.2 million American children suffered from such "food insecurity".

The program also enlists the help of country music star Brad Paisley to teach children all the ways they can get involved: such as volunteering, planting a community garden, and organizing a food drive.

Historically, Sesame Street has never shied away from tough subjects, tackling them in a way that children can understand. The South African version of Sesame even has an HIV-positive muppet named Tammy.

The special is set to air on October 9th at 7 p.m. on a PBS near you, proving that some kids' TV is still worth watching.