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Russell Crowe's Anti-Circumcision Tirade on Twitter

Circumcision is barbaric and stupid

Australian actor Russell Crowe isn't known for his diplomacy. When one of his Twitter followers asked last week whether Crowe would get his newborn son circumcised, he let rip:

“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that God requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect.”

Crowe then appealed to his Jewish friends with their "funny little hats" -- namely Eli Roth, the director of Crowe's latest movie, The Man with the Iron Fists -- to "stop cutting your babies.” He finished by saying, "If you feel it is your right to cut things off your babies please unfollow and f--k off; I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism.”

Needless to say, his comments, which some have interpreted as anti-semitic, have since been deleted. The actor has also apologized for any offence he may have caused.

“I have a deep and abiding love for all people of all nationalities. I’m very sorry that I have said things on here that have caused distress. My personal beliefs aside, I realize that some will interpret this debate as me mocking the rituals and traditions of others. I am very sorry.”

While the so-called "Intactivist movement" is growing support across the country, many parents still choose to circumcise their sons, citing religious, cultural, and even health reasons.

But even rituals of faith come and go and change with the times. Stores used to close on Sundays and some Catholics refused to eat meat on Fridays. Most cultures agree that female circumcision is barbaric.

So should male circumcision be outlawed, or should it remain a personal choice for parents to make?