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Redheads Turned Away From Sperm Banks

Cryos Rejects Red

It all started with a cloned sheep named Dolly. Now we can tinker with so many strands of DNA, picking and choosing to our heart's content. The latest genetic tweaking involves redheads.

Yes, I'm talking the long maligned carrot tops of the world. So seemingly repugnant is a baby born with red hair that sperm donor clinics are vying to weed out the genes responsible for reds.

Obviously the ethics of any such genetic tinkering are dicey and alarming, especially when they come down to particulars such as colour of skin or hair. (Is it just me, or does it smell like Nazi spirit around here?)

According to the UK Telegraph, Cryos, the world’s largest sperm donor bank has started turning away red-headed donors.

That means no more Ronald McDonald. No more 'Red' from the busty, lusty Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame.

Ironically, there is one country in which redheads are still in demand. The land of the freckle-faced, flame-haired. In Ireland such so-called red donors reportedly sell “like hot cakes.”

If you were paying for a donor, and could stipulate certain preferences with regard to appearance, would you?