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Prime Minister Forgets Daughter at Pub

It Could Happen to Anybody?

Just goes to show—all parents have their moments. Even heads of state get frazzled and occasionally forget about the kids. 

In a colossal oopsie, British PM David Cameron and his wife must have been sipping too many shandies when they left the pub without their 8-year-old daughter Nancy in tow.

On screen, such parental bloopers are hilarious. Home Alone banked on the joke more than once. But in real life, such forehead slapping moments can quickly turn into missing persons catastrophes (think Madeline McCann).

For devoted dad David Cameron and his wife Samantha, the Incident at the Plough Inn will be hard to live down. After a weekend in the countryside, the Camerons were apparently "distraught" when they realized their daughter wasn't with them.

Any parent knows what an ordeal it is to travel with young children, what with packing the kitchen sink for a single day trip. No doubt it must be doubly so when you hold a political office and travel with a convoy. 

According to the BBC report, the Camerons and two other families broke for lunch. The PM, who rode with bodyguards, assumed Nancy was riding in the other car with their two other children, 6-year-old Arthur, 22-month-old Florence.

Fifteen minutes later, pub staff at the Plough Inn were bemused and unsure how to handle the situation.

"It's not like you can look up David Cameron in the phone book and then ring to say, 'You've left your daughter behind.' It's frightening the Prime Minister of Britain can forget something so important as his own daughter."

Does this incident show the PM's humanity or his fecklessness? Have you ever 'forgotten' your child anywhere?