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Preschool Does Piercings

Mommy, My Ears Hurt

So much blind faith goes into leaving your preschooler in someone else's care, even for a couple hours. It can't be that hard, you figure. Your child will have a snack, sing some songs, build a tower, maybe. Think again. 

In recent months, tots have been drugged and managed to escape daycares. And what if you picked up your child, only to find they'd been altered? That's exactly what happened to Eloise Cardenas. When she picked up her five-year-old daughter, Mia, from Dallas-based Marquita KinderCare recently, her daughter was wearing earrings.

Incredulous, Cardenas discovered that another teacher at the school had pierced Mia's ears, which were red and sore, according to the Star-Telegram.

Although Mia had previously had her ears pierced, she'd stopped wearing earrings two years ago, leaving the holes to heal. Then it was some teacher's bright idea to re-pierce the child's ears.

When confronted, the teacher in question said the child had given her permission. Call me crazy, but since when does a five-year-old hold such decision-making power? Notwithstanding the fact that the needles probably weren't sterilized (or that the teacher had needles or piercing gun in her classroom in the first place!)

Needless to say, Cardenas has filed a report with Fort Worth police, while the KinderCare teacher has merely been "disciplined" -- code for written up.

How would you react if it was your child? I think I would start by pulling mine from the school. Or is it a case of a bad egg spoiling the bunch.