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Pregnant Model Strips Off

How to Look Good Naked on the Catwalk

If there's one outfit that never goes out of fashion, it's the birthday suit.  Just ask former Miss Wales, model Sophia Cahill, who along with three others paraded down the runway wearing nothing more than a hat and a smile during London Fashion Week.  Oh, and she did so while eight months pregnant...

“[Cahill] was one person I knew who’d be more than happy to get her kit off. I thought it would be nice she would pregnant for the show. You never see that kind of stuff in fashion,” said designer, 31-year-old Robyn Coles.

A refreshing change for an industry where women do all in their power to shrug off their pregnant form.  Talk about drawing attention to your product. But was anyone actually checking out the hats? 

“As an unknown designer you have to find ways of getting people to your show,” Coles told The Press Association. “I wanted to use different models and different sizes. I’m a big believer in that. With accessories like hats it doesn’t mater what size or shape you are.”

Apparently pregnant models are all the rage on the runways right now.  Just last month, Alessandra Ambrosio also strolled down the catwalk for Colcci. But she only had the tiniest of bumps, and she was fully clothed.  

Shameless publicity stunt or proud advertisement of the pregnant form?  Now, if designers would just feature other shapely (non-pregnant) women, we'd be onto something...