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Poorly Chosen Name Can Doom Child for Life

Name as Fate

What's in a name? A shitload, apparently. So before you run and name your child something absurd like Dweezil, consider this: the wrong moniker can lead to "lower self-esteem, fewer relationship opportunities, higher likelihood of smoking and less education later in life."
That's according to European dating website eDarling whose study of 12,000 prospective 'daters' confirmed that name played a huge factor in desirability. Goes a long way to explain why this mystified 30-year-old winner -- Fbeezow Doo Doo Zopittybop -- is still single.

Moreover, based on the answers given by participants, those with awful names were found to have corresponding low self-esteem. The least desired name in the study? Not Kermit. Not Klondike.

Not Apple, or even Pilot Inspektor. But Kevin.

Moral of the story: think hard before you sign on the dotted birth certificate line. A whopping tenth of parents confessed on to already regretting the chosen name for their child, in the main because it was too trendy.

What's the absolute worst baby name you've ever heard?