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Pink's Baby Hits Tinsel Town

Baby Willow Makes An Appearance

Ever since Pink had her daughter, Willow, five months ago, the songstress has kept a pretty low profile in Tinsel Town. Until this past weekend, that is -- when Willow made her first red-carpet appearance, dressed in what looked like a mini-tux, at the Hollywood premiere of Happy Feet Two.

A family movie, sure, but isn't five months old too soon to expose little Willow to the media frenzy?

It's bad enough having flashbulbs go off in your face every time you leave the front door. Why any celeb would want to inflict that kind of exposure on their babies is beyond me.

My maternal instinct would be driving me to protect my bundle from predatory photographers, not swooning in front of them.

Should Pink and her partner Carey Hart have shielded their baby from prying paparazzi eyes for longer, or is that just delaying the inevitable?