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Mom Publicly Shames Daughter

Tough Love or Abuse?

There's a new trend in parenting circles. No longer is it enough to punish your child, to really hit home you must publicly humiliate them in the process, too... 

At least it worked for author ReShonda Tate Billingsley, who wrote about shaming her oldest daughter after finding her Instagram picture of her holding up a bottle with the caption ‘Wish I could drink this Vodka.’ 
After all other methods of punishment failed, and all other chats about responsible social media use went unheeded, mom brought out the big guns. She got her daughter with a taste of her own medicine, making her pose for Instagram with a sign that read: “Since I want to take pics holding liquor, I am obviously NOT ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what is and isn’t appropriate to post. Bye-Bye.”
Tate Billingsley then added the pic to her own Facebook page, spurring a conversation about just how much involvement a parent should have in their child's social media. At what age (if ever) is a child entitled to a little internet privacy?

From the girl who died after being made to run until she collapsed, to the dad who shot his daughter's laptop on YouTube, and the girl forced to run in a diaper due to poor grades -- when does public humiliation stray into a form of abuse?