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Man Survives on Breast Milk

Don't Have a Cow, Man

Is anything sacred on the world wide web these days? Apparently not. In a blog called  Don't Have A Cow, Man a guy known as Curtis has made it his mission to live off of his wife's breast milk, no doubt trying to soak up his 15 minutes any way he can.

While I kind of get the dad who tried to kick cancer by supplementing his diet with breast milk, in this case it's more a case of supply overarching demand.

Following three pregnancies and premature babies, wife Katie pumped every couple of hours and still managed to fill a whole freezer with her milk.

For this yummy, who couldn't produce more than a couple ounces, Katie's surplus is more than a little galling and wasteful. After all, the demand for breast milk is huge (and at around $4 per ounce, profitable).

So many women out there can't breastfeed and would love to be able to provide their children with the best possible start...

Apparently the couple didn't donate the milk because of the red tape and costs involved.  Since they started the blog, women have been practically begging them for the milk. But they are not biting. Besides, hubby Curtis claimed his wife's milk "helps his digestive issues."

The experiment is gimmicky, for sure, although the couple maintains they aren't vying for attention. So is there any medical rhyme to Curtis' reason?

"Biologically, just because something is good for babies does not mean it is good for adults," said pediatrician and neonatologist, Dr. Tonse Raju.

There's a reason all mammals naturally wean themselves from their mother's milk. Even humans need to start eating solids eventually. And although breast milk may be sufficient calorie wise, if an adult drinks enough of it, Raju added, it would still lack several nutrients like protein and fibre, a lack of which can cause a host of health problems.

A case of just because you can, doesn't mean you should. So, Curtis, lick off the milk 'stache. If you want to keep drinking the stuff, go right ahead. But we don't really need to read about it.