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Madonna Orders Volunteers to Look Away

Pri-Madonna at TIFF

Madonna obviously thinks she's royalty. When the Toronto Film Festival rolled out the proverbial red carpet for her this week, she was gracious, openly thanking volunteers while promoting her new film, W.E., about the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson.

Backstage, however, it was an altogether different picture. She more than lived up to her blue-blooded part, requesting that Festival volunteers "turn their faces to a wall" so as to not look upon the pop-queen-cum-director as she headed to a press conference.

At the Venice festival Madonna recently lamented her comparable royal status. “I think once you become famous, you have to pretty much relinquish the idea that people are going to see you for who you are, or look beyond the surface of things. I think that was a source of great frustration for Wallis Simpson...”

While the perpetual invasion of privacy by paparazzi would drive me nuts too, a star on her way to a press conference (for the sole purpose of marketing her work) should expect some attention. Here's a little tip for you, Madge: If you want to be treated like a mere mortal, come off your high horse and start acting like one.