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Love Letter Arrives... 53 Years Later

Snail Mail Saga

Say what you want about Canada Post, but at least letters usually don't take 53 years to be delivered.

The love letter, addressed to Clark C. Moore in 1958, only recently found its way to the California University of Pennsylvania mail room. Except it was too late. Though the college sweethearts eventually married and had kids, they divorced eight years later. Clark, whose name is now Muhammad Siddeeq, got remarried, moved to Indianapolis, and converted to Islam.

"I'm curious, but I'm not sure I'd put it in the category of 'looking forward to it'," 74-year-old Siddeeq told the Pittsburg Tribune Review. Vonnie, who penned the lines, "I still miss you as much as ever and love you a thousand times more", declined to discuss the letter and was upset that it had been made public.

It's unlikely that Vonnie's letter would have changed the fate of the couple. Still, it's a charming reminder of the slow burning romance which has been somewhat lost in the electronic age.

"Back then," admits Siddeeq, "we wrote at least once or twice a week, sometimes three times. I would perk your whole day up to get back to your room and find a letter."