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Liberals Promise Massive Tuition Cuts

Can McGuinty Deliver the Goods?

The Ontario Liberals are promising big things across the education sector: namely, cutting post-secondary tuition by 30 per cent for lower and middle-class families.

Premier Dalton McGuinty's platform would apply to full-time students in undergraduate programs whose families earn less than $160,000 a year. That roughly translates into a saving of "about $1,600 per university student and more than $700 for every student enrolled in college"

If the Liberals are re-elected in the Oct. 6 vote, they also vowed to cap the annual amount of debt post-secondary students could incur at $7,300 and expand the interest-free grace period on student loans for recent grads struggling to find work.

McGuinty also said full-day kindergarten will be implemented in all schools by 2014. The Liberals also plan to invest $300 million to set up satellite campuses in Brampton, Milton and Barrie to York University, the University of Toronto, Wilfred Laurier University and Laurentian University in Sudbury.

Time will tell if "Mr. Tax" can deliver or whether these are yet more empty promises from a party with a poor track record when it comes to education funding.