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Introducing...Cancer Barbie

Making Bald Beautiful

Introducing...Cancer Barbie. If it sounds too ridiculous to be true, then it must be.

Mattel recently announced plans to release a bald Barbie doll next year. Though their reasons for doing so (to "support children who lost their hair during cancer treatment") are laudable, they may well take some flak for the decision, which was prompted by an appeal by some 157,000 Facebook users.
According to Fox News, like all good dolls, cancer Barbie will come heavily accessorized—with removable items such as wigs, scarves and hats. But don't expect to see bald Barbie making an appearance in stores; she'll only be available by donation to hospitals. 
Photographer Jane Bingham, who co-created the Facebook campaign, wanted girls to see that they needn't rely on their hair to be beautiful. She hoped to get people to look past the bald stigma.
Will Mattel succeed in making bald beautiful? Publicity stunt or brave new marketing?