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Green Tea to Control Weight Gain

Tea Party Time

Looking for a way to stave off the bulge this winter? It could be as easy as boiling the kettle.

According to Penn State food scientists, green tea may slow down weight gain and help in the fight against obesity.

In the online edition of Obesity, mice that were fed a high-fat diet as well as a compound in green tea known as EGCG gained weight much more slowly than the control group which didn't.

"Our results suggest that if you supplement with EGCG or green tea you gain weight more slowly," said Joshua Lambert, assistant professor of food science in agricultural sciences.

The green tea consuming mice also showed an almost 30 per cent increase in fecal lipids, meaning the EGCG also limited fat absorption.

While the green tea did not appear to suppress appetite or cause the mice to lose weight, the study suggests that drinking a few cups a day may help humans regulate their weight.

Don't like the bitter taste of green tea? You might want to opt for supplements.