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Flu Vaccine Only a Snort Away

Nose Injection Please, Doctor

If you thought the chicken pox vaccine in a lollipop sounded a little gimmicky, then how about warding off the 'flu with a nasal spray?
No one likes seeing their children get an injection. But is a squirt of FluMist up the nostril any easier than a shot in the arm? The National Advisory Committee on Immunizations thinks so.
"I would personally prefer [the spray] for my kids, because then they don't have to endure the pain of the flu shot -- and the anticipation and the anxiety that goes along with it," Toronto mom, Ly Ying Ho told CBC News.

The alternative isn't welcome by all, though, especially those (pediatricians) who have to administer it to writhing children.
Currently the mist is a $25 out-of-pocket expense, though pediatrician Dr. Stephen Moss hopes the nasal vaccine will soon be covered under provincial health-care plans and available at 'flu clinics.

Would you opt for the spray over the needle to save your kids the painful pinch? Personally I think my son would put up quite a fuss at having something squirted up his nose. Or will you bypass the 'flu vaccine altogether?