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Courtney Love Starts Rumour About Own Daughter

No Love Lost

If your mom ever embarrassed you to the point where you wanted to crawl under a big rock and die, spare a thought for little Frances Bean. The progeny of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is all grown up now, and suffering from her mother's constant forays in the public eye.

This latest cringefest has Frances begging the Twitter powers that be to ban her 'biological mother' from the social media site. (Guess who won't be getting a Mother's Day card this year...) 

In the most recent rant, Courtney Love accused former Nirvana drummer, Kurt's bandmate, Dave Grohl of sleeping with her 19-year-old daughter. Grohl and Frances Bean have both thankfully gone public to vehemently deny Love's rumour (which would have been akin to some kind of bedding a grungy uncle). And Frances went one further by asking that Twitter ban her mother.

Getting the third degree from you about who is, or isn't, sharing your bed is bad enough without that exchange going viral. If Love hasn't blown all the dough from the Cobain estate, it should make a nice therapy nest egg for Frances Bean. Lord knows, with Courtney for a mom, Frances'll need all the professional help she can get. 

Do some mothers deserve to be disowned, or does every daughter have a duty to try and help her mother?