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Breivik Goes on Killing Spree in Norway

Oslo Under Siege

The usually peaceful Norway was under siege on Friday, and seemingly at the hands of one man.  32-year-old organic farm owner Anders Behring Breivik claimed his action were "atrocious but necessary". 

In his first statement following the attacks, Breivik admitted to massacring at least 85 young people at a Labour Party summer camp.  Hours earlier that same day, he bombed buildings in Oslo's government district, killing seven. 

While the nation mourns, police are still investigating the crimes to see whether Breivik acted alone. 

Though his motives remain a little unclear, Breivik made no secret of his hatred of what he called "cultural Marxists" and Norway's left-leaning politics. 

Disguised in a police uniform, the tall blond Norwegian picked off victims, forcing youngsters to scatter on Utoeya island, northwest of the capital or to swim toward the mainland.  

"I heard screams," said 18-year-old Labour Party youth member Erik Kursetgjerde. "I heard people begging for their lives and I heard shots. He just blew them away... 

"I was certain I was going to die," admitted Kursetgjerde.  "People ran everywhere. They panicked and climbed into trees. People got trampled."

If all violence is senseless, then it is even more so when directed at young people and children.