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Brad Pitt Saves The Day

Real Life Hollywood Heroes

Last week there was Ryan Gosling breaking up a New York street fight, and Kate Winslet scooping up Richard Branson 's frail mother during a house fire. Now Brad Pitt can also add Hollywood superhero to his resume.

World War Z, Pitt's latest film, is an apocalyptic yarn set in Scotland. While shooting a scene in Glasgow's George Square earlier this week, the ever-gorgeous lead actor donned his metaphoric cape and rescued an extra that was in danger of being trampled by a crowd of zombies and fearful Scots.

While trying to flee from the "scourge of the face eaters", a woman fell in the stampede. Fortunately Pitt reacted quickly, carrying her to safety with just a badly-grazed knee.

Poor woman, being swept up by Mr Pitt. Must've been truly awful for her.