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Bona Fide Barbie

A Living Doll

You may be forced to double-take when you see this Ukrainian model who has made it her life's mission to become Barbie incarnate. Though 21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova professes her journey to becoming a living doll came from "hard work for years and good genes," her critics smell a scalpel or two. 

Move over, Sarah Burge... Ever since Valeria joined Facebook recently, she's adorned her page with hundreds of photos showing off her "wide, doll-like eyes, shockingly small waist, long golden locks and, of course, huge breasts." Not surprisingly, she's acquired something of a following, with more than 92,500 'likes.' 

Though director of Manhattan Plastic Surgery Dr. Anthony LaBruna openly speculated on Good Morning America that Valeria's 'look' would have cost hundreds of thousands, and would have involved "[cutting] some ribs out," she has harsh words for reporters who spread rumours of plastic surgery "like parrots." 

"The most important thing for me is spiritual development. Nothing is more important than to get to the bottom and learn the meaning of infinity. Everything else is an illusion in my mind, only a distraction from the truth," said Valeria, who frequently comments on UFO sightings, and flying outside of her body. (Oh, and her space name is Amatue.)
The operatic New Age singer is adamant that her appearance is down to "eating raw foods, working hard, abstaining from booze and having good genes." And Valeria, who subsists only on fruit, hopes to one day be powered by solar energy! Or hot air...