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Baby Brought Back to Life

Miracle Down Under

In other news, an early Christmas miracle down under. Premature baby Jamie Ogg was pronounced dead after medical staff in the Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) tried to revive him for 20 minutes.
But after his mom Kate cuddled him and said her goodbyes, incredibly the newborn came back to life. It was thought that skin-on-skin contact -- what Aussies call kangaroo care because of the manner in which a joey receives warmth in its mother’s pouch -- brought Jamie back from the dead.
Even though the Oggs tried to alert staff that Jamie was growing more and more active, they were dismissed and told it was the baby's reflexes. It was only when Kate admitted that she was done saying her farewells that the doctor returned. What he saw astonished him.
“I don’t believe it," he said, shaking his head and frantically reaching for a stethoscope.
No doubt about it, Christmas came early for the Oggs who remain concerned that those two hours in which Jamie was largely ignored will not result in brain damage or other developmental problems.
Do you think medical staff were wrong to give up on Jamie so quickly?