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Are Reborn Babies Creepy or Clever?

Recreating a Dead Child

There can't be any worse fate in life than losing a baby. Still, the idea or recreating a dead child in the form of a doll strikes me as more than a little macabre and disturbing.

But a company called Reborn Baby spotted a gap in the market for bereaved parents and duly filled it.

For around $1,000, you can recreate your lost child with “realistic human skin and veins", and cuddle your way through the grieving process. The babies are weighted to a comparable feel, and customers can even add specifications, such as a heartbeat.

Oh and there are a few toddlers for sale too.

Personally, these dolls look like they've stepped straight out from the pages of Stephen King's horrific imagination. But then, I mercifully don't know what it is like to lose a child, either.

Judge for yourself. Creepy or clever?