Sir Elton John, You Do Weddings Right

Proof that marriage is still a bloody big deal

Sir Elton John, You Do Weddings Right

Whoever thinks that marriage is dead need only look to Sir Elton John and David Furnish to know that is a simple falsehood. The long-term couple finally tied the knot formally, following a civil partnership nine years ago and a relationship lasting more than 20 years.

Appropriately the wedding merited a hashtag all its own on social media: #ShareTheLove. 

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Though only 50 of their closest friends attended the ceremony at the John-Furnish Windsor home, it was as lavish as you would expect. Among the glitterati guest list, Liz Hurley, Sharon Osborne and the entire Beckham clan et al happily tweeted away images of everything from the rose-laden invitation to the elegant table settings to the ceremony in-progress. (Witness the fact that Elton and David are such a power couple that they warrant their own logo!)
Even though they were one of the first couples to enjoy civil partnership when it was legalized in the UK, Elton and David are taking advantage of new legislation in England that allows gay couples to be formally married. For many homosexual couples that difference is monumental. Finally—finally—your relationship is not just begrudgingly acknowledged but fairly honoured and celebrated by the state. 

For die-hard romantics, the Elton-David union is guaranteed to get you a little misty-eyed. After all, they've been together for nearly a quarter of a century. In celebrity years, much like dog years, you can double that to get at the true figure. 
"I'm very proud of Britain and the laws that we've seen come into existence since we've been together," said Sir Elton in a previous interview. "Having our civil partnership was an incredible breakthrough for people that have campaigned for a long time. Through the 60s and the 50s in England when it was so hard to be gay and hard to be open about it. And it was a criminal act."
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When you are denied your rights, suddenly those rights feel like the most important thing in the world. So many couples are content to co-habitate, and that's cool. After all there's no rush or real driving reason to get hitched. Except when you can't. 
Coming from a long-time married person, I do feel that 'little bit of paper' marks a difference in the Before and After of a couple. It somehow cements and legitimizes the relationship, and shouts it out to the world: See this! We are together! 
For someone like Sir Elton, who had to hide his sexuality for so long — marriage can't help but be a bloody big deal. 
May they share many more years of happiness together.
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Is the Timbit Under Threat Following Burger King Takeover?

Save the Timbit!

Is the Timbit Under Threat Following Burger King Takeover?


Stop the presses! Some serious shit is going down, and Canadians are up in arms. No, PM Harper isn't singing again... Our beloved delicacy - the Timbit - is facing extinction, and it's nothing short of a travesty.

Were Canadians rightly concerned by news that Tim Hortons was bought out by Burger King for a whopping $12.5 billion? As part of the takeover, is the first thing new owners plan to do scrap the mini doughnut balls in order to cut operational costs?

Burger King Confirms Purchase of Tim Hortons

Americans obviously don't get our love affair with the Timbit. Of course on the face of it the "sweet doughy treats" don't make financial sense. They cost mere pennies (oh, wait, we don't have those anymore) and clearly aren't worth the effort.

And when Canadians are in an uproar, you know about it. Protesters rallied at Timmies and BK branches all over the country, and wait for it—#SaveTimbits is trending.

(Ok, so this is pure satirical fun courtesy of Lapine, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it came to this Braveheart-styled revolt: "They can take away our rights, they can take away our freedom, but they can never take away our timbits #savetimbits")

Activists everywhere, lace up your boots and do what you can to protect the rights of the little guy, our precious Timbit, now before it's too late, because while it seems it's satire now, the future of the Timbit could still be in danger...

Now, excuse me while I buy a 10-pack of chocolate glazed and honey dips, because you just never know.


Is Health Agency Marijuana Video Simply Smoke and Mirrors?

Get the facts...lose the judgement

Is Health Agency Marijuana Video Simply Smoke and Mirrors?

Health Canada is considered the country's leading health authority. So it's surprising that its latest anti-marijuana ad spouts controversial "facts" about the drug.

In a 30-second clip aired on YouTube and television, the campaign flashes messages on screen—among them, that pot causes decreased IQ—a message that some viewers claim is based on fear-mongering rather than hard, cold scientific fact.

Apparently Health Canada chose the cognitive focus for this particular ad because it had the hardest impact (read: fear) on parental focus groups across Canada this past summer.

Autistic Boy Prescribed Marijuana

With the push to legalize marijuana, and the sudden growth of medically prescribed drug, parents need to know the potential dangers of smoking pot on the developing teenage brain. But what they don't need is speculation, especially when that campaign costs $7.5 million.

The suggestion that marijuana lowers IQ stemmed from a 2012 study from Duke University, which was since refuted after further research failed to find evidence of this claim. What's worrying is that many Canadians will take one look at this ad and take it for gospel, assuming the health agency relies on scientific fact rather than what some say are pure "scare tactics." 

Many viewers have called out Health Canada for publishing a theory as fact, with the ad receiving a barrage of 'thumbs down' votes and negative comments.

The Health Canada ads began on 20 October and will continue to run on TV and social media through to 28 December.