The Boob Scarf Makes Important Statement

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The Boob Scarf Makes Important Statement

We may still be in the thralls of summer, yet those chilly fall evenings are right around the corner. To prevent the draft from getting in, you'll need a fashionable yet warm scarf. And the pashmina is so last year. Why not bag yourself a Boob Scarf, as reported by Yahoo

The 100 percent fleece scarf clearly isn't for the sartorially safe, but they must do the trick. The handmade scarves are made by Etsy retailer, Detroit-based Marlene Dysert.

They're selling like hot cakes... in Asia. Obviously those in the East have a very attuned sense of humour when it comes to fashion and have no problem donning the Boob Scarves which come in every shade imaginable: ivory, pink, tan and dark brown. The knockers can even be accessorized with tattoos and nipple rings if that's your thing. 

Ok, so you may prefer to reserve your scarf for Halloween or fancy dress parties (or even Father's Day). But beyond novelty item comedy, Dysert is making another, far more important statement with her scarves, by donating $2 from each sale to breast cancer research. There is even has the special edition pink ribbon boobs if you want to wear your cause on your, er, mammaries.