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50-year-old Has Baby...Naturally

Miracle Birth Down Under

At a time when most women are winding towards retirement, sipping chardonnay, and looking forward to grandchildren, Anthea Nicholas, a 50-year-old real estate agent in Australia's Gold Coast, fell pregnant and gave birth -- the all-natural way.

Though the odds were, biologically speaking, totally against her, Nicholas fell pregnant without resorting to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). She managed to carry to term despite a 70 per cent chance of miscarriage.

Ms. Nicholas told the August edition of the Australian Women's Weekly that she'd put her nausea down to the early effects of menopause. Who can blame her, when the chance of her being pregnant was a "one-in-several-million''? It was her husband, Peter Byrne, who tweaked that she might be expecting.

"I knew the odds for us would be horrendous,'' Nicholas admitted, claiming her first reaction to the pregnancy was overwhelming fear -- fear about the pregnancy, fear about what people would think.

But against all odds, along came Nicholas Jay, now a perfectly healthy five-week-old bouncing boy.

Gynecologist Dr. Andrew Cary claimed the birth was nothing short of "a miracle'', since Ms. Nicholas also suffered from an unspecified condition that would make pregnancy and delivery difficult for a woman of any age.

In other words, yummies, don't try this at home.