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Chrissy Teigen Shares Priceless Photo of Stretch Marks

"My Thighs have Tributaries"

Chrissy Teigen Shares Priceless Photo of Stretch Marks |

If Chrissy Teigen didn't already top the list of celebrity moms you'd love to hang with (see also Mila Kunis), she does now.

From her fertility struggles with hubby John Legend and throughout her pregnancy, Teigen has been the best kind of open book. 

Four months into her role as a new mom, she has already braved the wrath of the masses on countless occasions - whether it's admitting she chose the sex of her embryo ("Let's put in a girl!") or deigning to go out on a date night straight after giving birth to daughter Luna.

Teigen doesn't shy away from sharing the ups and downs of motherhood, reacting to inevitable criticism with grace and a generous dollop of humour. 

The 30-year-old model and Lip Sync Battle host shows no sign of holding back. She recently shared a Snapchat close-up shot of her post-pregnancy thighs, with the caption: "lol my thighs have tributaries."

Chrissy Teigen Shares Priceless Photo of Stretch Marks

If anyone feels the pressure to "bounce back" into shape, it would be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model like Teigen. And she has. Still, it's refreshing to see a model being frank about things like stretch marks and dimpled thighs. It's up there with this model's photo.

No one is immune.

Having said that, many of us would kill for legs like Teigen's. I don't think I ever pulled off jean cutoffs that short, even in my pre-kid 20s!

So mamas, save that photo to your phone so you can call up at the touch of a button the next time you have one of those days when you want to burn all your clothes and cover all the mirrors.

We heart you, Chrissy T! Keep keeping it real.

Image Source: Instagram 

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