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Mom Gets TMI About Sex After Kids

"I would hardly say it was romantic"

A UK mom caved to her man's needs, posted about it, and many readers find her revelation demeaning. | Parenting |

A UK mom has gone for a TMI approach to sex after kids.

Mel Watts, aka The Modern Mumma, posted a Facebook selfie with her husband immediately following a "quickie" session. Her intent was to show the harried reality of post-babies sex life - namely, that you don't often get time to get intimate and even when you do, your libido may have done such a nosedive that you'd really rather be doing something else like sleeping. We get it. Oh boy, do we ever.

"With one child at the neighbours and a baby asleep in the cot it seemed like a perfect opportunity."

With that bit of TMI, Watts went on to describe how she finally caved to her man's needs, after being dry humped and listening a relentless routine of sausage jokes.

Her honestly is refreshing. However, many readers felt that rather than being enlightened, her revelation comes across as humiliating and demeaning. She describes feeling guilty and "obligated" when it comes to sex with her husband.

A lack of libido after having kids is perfectly normal and nothing to feel guilty about. But the way Watts talks about having sex, it's as if she's doing her husband a huge favour (one that gets "rewarded" later) and quite frankly that doesn't sit right:

"Knowing it was only going to take a few minutes and I'll have a day of any food I want to eat, listen to any music I want and an early night. Sounds delightful right?!"

I wonder how this must make her husband feel, reading that she is just getting down with him to get it over with.

"Now I sit here in my pjs eating a block of chocolate watching a movie knowing I can go to bed without feeling bad..... Totally worth it. Sometimes it's worth just going with it. Silver lining he's happy for the next few days and I'm going to bed without d*ck jabbed in my back."

Mamas, have all the quickies you want - or not - but please can we do one thing and stop treating sex like it's a huge favour or a painful chore?

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