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Is This the End for ‘Doc McStuffins’?

Fans rally to save Disney Junior series

Is Doc McStuffins Ending its Run? |

When it was revealed that Disney Junior had no plans to renew its show Doc McStuffins for a fifth season, fans had a lot to say.

Even in 2016, McStuffins is a kind of a big deal. After all, how many other kids' shows out there have a black female lead who also happens to be a doctor, to boot?

Case closed.

Clearly kids need to grow up seeing and identifying with characters like Doc. Children need to see what's possible for the future - especially if they happen to be black and/or female.  

And the world needs the likes of McStuffins more than ever.

Tons of users adopted the hashtag to make the case for keeping the series going.


But the best shows are not necessarily the most popular with kids. 

The reality check: representation isn't what drives networks, ultimately. Numbers are what drive networks, and numbers make or break even the best programming out there.

Is Doc McStuffins successful (cha-ching) and popular enough with young audiences to warrant a further season? Remains to be seen. 

For the time being, Disney Junior has confirmed the fourth season of McStuffins is in production, with a guaranteed 120 episodes under contract. After that, who knows. 

But pressure from young fans can't hurt. If your child loves the Doc, time to speak up and start PVRing.

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