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Designer Daddy Makes Daughter's Disney Dreams Come True

Upstaging Disney's own princesses

Dad Designs Disney Dresses |

Nephi Garcia is a family man with a very special talent.

The Garcias have a bit of a Disney fetish, having visited the theme park more than 100 times in 2015 alone - usually in full costume. From Belle and Mary Poppins to the entire cast of Aladdin, couture guru Garcia designs and outfits his three children in Disney costumes.

The family hits up Disney so often, in fact, that the characters know them by name.

"We dress up a lot as a family... I had no idea people could dress up at Disneyland and now we are hooked. We live 10 minutes south of Disneyland and went 128 times last year," Garcia said.

The 32-year-old former designer turned retail manager left the fashion industry to spend more time with his family.

But his talents soon got him and his family noticed at Disney. His six-year-old daughter, Lili, often upstages the Magic Kingdom's own princesses, who in turn admire the girl's exquisitely detailed gowns. 

On the back of all the attention, Garcia has started his own business, Little Bright Dress, designing kids costumes full time. Now he gets to use his talent to make a living without leaving his family behind in Florida.

Garcia, who spends an estimated 12-40 hours on each costume, is currently working on a Finding Dory costume in which Nemo "transforms" to Dory. That ought to be something.

"If there's one thing I could share from my experience is that if you want to follow your dreams, just do it," he said. "Don't worry about money or what people think, I am proof that you can make your dreams happen and enjoy every second."

Which, come to think of it, is a motto worthy of Disney itself.  

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