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Woman's Reaction to Breastfeeding Mom is Inspiring

She was the village 

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Picture it. You're out with your newborn enjoying your first solo breakfast at a restaurant when he suddenly needs to nurse. So you start breastfeeding. An older woman catches your eye and starts to walk over. Oh, no, here we go, you think. You fully expect her to tell you to cover up or try to shame you for feeding your baby in public.

Instead, the strangest thing happens. The woman sits down across from you and starts cutting up your breakfast for you so you can still eat while you breastfeed!

This exact situation stunned new New Zealand mom Briar Lusia Mcqueen while she was out with her eight week-old son. 

"What a good mama you are, we can't have your food getting cold can we," the woman reportedly said to Mcqueen in a Facebook post that has had more than 200K shares. 

With all the talk of parent blaming and negligence in the news recently, it's refreshing to see a real, live example of what the village looks like close up. 

Instead of making headlines for its rarity, this random kindness shouldn't be so random; it should be so regular and commonplace that it doesn't even warrant a headline. 

Unfortunately that's not the case. Breastfeeding moms are continually shamed and given the stink eye for nursing babies in public.

Even though we may be not outright shaming moms, this story proves we could be doing so much more to help them beyond turning a blind eye. We could be the village this world so badly needs.

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