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What Disney Needs Now: a Lesbian Princess?

The Twittersphere has spoken

Does Disney need a lesbian princess ? |

It's 2016 and the universe has been sending a not-so-subtle message to Disney: pull your creative heads out of the Dark Ages and give audiences what they've been waiting for - a lesbian princess.

For some reason, Elsa has been crowned most deserving of a partner, with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend gaining momentum. Could be that people feel sorry for all the time Elsa spent alone in her ice castle. Or the fact that she was oddly left without a romantic lead, something hitherto unheard of in Disney...

With the Frozen sequel in the works - and director Chris Buck giving nothing away - speculation about the Ice Queen's sexuality is rife.  

Obviously the Twittersphere has nothing better to concern itself. But just imagine for a nanosecond the ramifications of a Disney princess that digs chicks? HUGE.
As a child in a fairly secular house, what Disney said was gospel, more or less. Disney taught kids of my generation not just about the fairy tale but about good versus evil. It imparted a certain morality through its fables. Rightly or wrongly, in its movies and books Disney held a ridiculous amount of power and responsibility.

I doubt that's the case anymore. Kids have the internet, among other things. They are more clued up and socially aware than their parents and their parents' parents.

Still, isn't it time for Disney to get with the program and show boys and girls that there is more to romance than the staid prince/princess paradigm? That there is more than one way to love.

And if it did heed the call and create a girlfriend for Elsa, would the world suddenly implode - or would we all recover ourselves as parents and humbly thank Disney for normalizing what's been normal for forever?

Surely some segments of society would blow a gasket because, to some extent, Disney is regarded as the upholder of traditional (conservative) family values. 

But one thing is absolutely guaranteed: seeing themselves represented via Disney characters could make growing up a whole whack load easier for the next generation of LGBQT kids.