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Baseball Fan Takes Sexist Guy to Bat over Comments

Enjoy that slice of Humble pie

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Don't assume. It makes an *ss of you and me, so the saying goes. And that idiom couldn't be truer than for an unsuspecting guy who met his match in Twitter user Megan Brown.

The dude was so stunned to hear that Brown liked baseball (because girl and baseball...) that he challenged her to name some teams in the National League East. 

She delivered - and then some: 

Newsflash: not only do some women enjoy sports, some know as much if not know more about sports than men. 

Though the Twitter exchange was playful, it points to the annoying reality that female sports journalists face every single day. Not only do they represent the overwhelming minority (with 90 percent of all sports editors being white males, according to a Women's Media Center's 2014 survey). But in spite of their credentials, women are constantly having to prove and defend themselves against those old stereotypes.

Even when the likes of established editors, such as New York Daily News writer Kate Feldman, pull out ID badges and press passes, some guys still have a hard time buying it.

Can a woman truly love sports with the same kind of unadulterated passion as her male counterparts? Well, duh. 

And the converse is also true, too. Being born with a penis doesn't biologically implant NHL stats into your brain. Plenty of guys just aren't into sports, and they're no less 'guy' for it. 

On that note... Go Jays go!

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