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"Tantrum Parties" Provide Women a Safe Place to Let Rip

Fight Club for Women

Tantrum Club Provides Outlet for Frustration |

If you've ever fantasized about throwing yourself, flailing and raging, on the floor alongside your toddler, now you can.

The first rule of Tantrum Club is that you DO talk about Tantrum Club because, well, it's for women. And we like to talk things through, but sometimes talking isn't enough.

With the today's pressures, women need a safe place to thrash around and "fully express all their pent-up negative emotions in healthy and enlivening ways."

The premise of this bona fide UK-based company is that catharsis is a necessity (even if that catharsis looks like a bunch of women wielding baseball bats and smashing the crap out of bean bag chairs). 

Tantrums parties are available for corporate groups, teens, and even ordinary women going through "Life Changes." It's little coincidence that such a company got its genesis in the land of the stiff upper lip, though the Club is hoping to extend beyond Britain.

The founders argue that chronic stress and emotional suppression have deleterious implications on both our health and on our lives in general.

"If you suppress your anger, your frustration or your sadness – you also suppress your joy, your happiness and your fulfillment," reads the company's website. 

"Human beings don’t have a ‘dial’ which enables us to only express the emotions we would like to express. Emotions just ARRIVE and if you ignore them or suppress them, you kill off pieces of yourself in each moment you choose to rationalize an emotion."
Where women once took classes in assertiveness, anger management is not about containment; it's about free expression. Think Fight Club, but with fewer injuries and less secrecy.

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