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Prepare to Wage War Against New "Super" Lice

Grab your metal combs

New Super Lice Strain Making Us Itchy |

Lice treatment has long left parents scratching their heads.

Just when you think we've finally got the upper hand in the fight against the little hair critters, a new strain of "super lice" has been reported in the U.S. Detected in at least 25 states, the new bugs are proving resistant to the tried-and-tested lice products.

The problem, claims Toronto "lice removal expert" Shawnda Walker, is that over time lice have been overexposed to over-the-counter products and these have proven less effective. 

Typically insecticides called pyrethroids are used to combat lice, but as American Chemical Society reported in August 2015 research, new strains of lice have mutated to resist conventional products.

Experts claim a proactive approach is the best way to deal with lice. Stop them in their tracks through weekly checks with a fine-toothed metal comb or a UV light like theNitview LED Lice Detection Device that makes lice easier to spot. 

Before you panic or shave your children's heads, many of our bloggers and health experts have been there and done lice. Check out their top tips for a nit-free life. 

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