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New, Healthier Ketchup Flying off Canadian Shelves

would you like fries with your ketchup?

French's Ketchup in Canada |

What's your go-to ketchup: Heinz or another brand? Bet you didn't know that what kind of ketchup you choose to dip your fries into directly impacts your fellow countrymen.

French's - better known for its mustard - has been flying off Canadian shelves thanks to this viral Facebook post by Brian Fernandez:


Since Heinz decided to pull the plug on its Canadian plant in Leamington, 740 jobs were lost. Heinz decided to make its...

Posted by Brian Fernandez on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Orillia man pointed out that after Heinz left Leamington, Ont., French's took over production of the " all-Canadian" ketchup.

There are good reasons to choose French's that go beyond patriotism.

Not only are the tomatoes harvested on Canuck soil by Canuck farmers, but the brand's ketchup is "free of preservatives, artificial flavours and high fructose corn syrup."

That's good news for most parents whose tots tend to drown their food - every. single. food - in the red stuff.

"Bye. Bye. Heinz," wrote Fernandez in the post, which has been shared over 130,000 times.

If you want to go French, better act fast. The condiment has been selling out fast.

Yet Leamington mayor, John Paterson, pointed out that support for French's need not mean an all-out boycott of Heinz, which still relies on local companies to manufacture other products, like vinegar and pasta sauce.

Some people are staunchly loyal to their ketchup. I say as long as the taste isn't compromised, a healthier alternative is definitely welcome in my fridge!

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