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Syrian Refugees to Experience Summer Camp

Bring on the 'Smores and campfires! 

Syrian Refugee Children Have Opportunity for Summer Camp |

Syrian refugees have almost made it through their first Canadian winter, enjoying winter fun like tobogganing and skating. Now girls will get to experience the best of what summer has to offer, thanks to Glen Bernard Camp.

"We're so proud to be able to play a role in helping build a new life for these newcomers. We can't wait to meet them this summer and introduce them to our community," said the camp's owner, Jocelyn Palm.

The Ontario girls-only camp, near Algonquin Park, has generously offered 24 free spaces for Syrian girls. They will get to try out all the camp traditions and activities. Bring on the 'Smores! Bring on the mosquitoes!

Camp is a proven self-esteem and confidence builder, particularly for girls. What's more, according to a research project by Waterloo University, attending summer camp boosts emotional intelligence, as well as "social integration and citizenship."

What a perfect way to instill a feeling of belonging in newcomers to our country.

Though applications are open on the camp's website until April 1, private donors are also able to sponsor girls aged 11 to 13.

Cheers to Glen Bernard Camp for walking the walk - and to the many other individuals and organizations out there living up to Canada's good name.

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