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Parents Find Black Mold Inside Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups

“It makes me feel sick just thinking about it”

Mold found in sippy cup lids |

A bit of an uproar on Tommee Tippee's North American Facebook page recently after customer photos revealed black mold inside the brand's popular sippy cups.

Upon seeing the images online, Laura Greene was horrified to find mold in her 19-month-old daughter’s cup.

“I can’t imagine how long she’s been drinking mold,” Greene wrote on the Facebook page. “It makes me feel sick just thinking about it.”

The Missouri mom had been using the cups for a year, and claims she always washed its parts separately and thoroughly using hot soapy water immediately after each use.

Parents are clearly concerned, with some believing the cups are to blame for health concerns in their tots.

“We didn’t put two and two together of the sippy cups and his health until recently,” said Washington mom Amanda Townshend, whose son has been using the cups for 10 months. 

“He’s always had a stuffy nose after using them and just about a week or so ago he had an upper respiratory infection.”

Health officials warn that although mold can cause nasal congestion, it is unlikely to bring about actual illness.

Several parents expressed difficulty dismantling the cups for cleaning purposes, with Townshend claiming it took her "30 minutes using a screwdriver and hammer to break it open."

Tommee Tippee has released a statement apologizing to customers and vowing to address concerns regarding its cups.  

Thank you for your patience with us. First we’d like to assure you that child health and wellbeing is at the heart of...

Posted by Tommee Tippee North America on Thursday, February 25, 2016

A new cup is about to be released by the brand. In the meantime, Tommee Tippee has offered customers a "see-through valve" that will make the existing cups easier to clean.

Customers can request the free replacement cup or valve by calling Tommee Tippee Toll Free at 1 866 214 1537.