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Hilarious Fantasy Hotline Reveals What Turns Parents On

"Say that thing about Saturday... and no commitments”

Parental Fantasy Hotline |

Funny how your fantasies change once you become a parent. That's the premise of a spoof hotline chat gone viral.

“I’ve never called one of these lines before, so I’m a bit nervous,” admits Hamish Blake to fellow comedian Andy Lee in the hilarious YouTube clip in which a dad calls a sexy hotline from his car - while on a diaper run - just to listen to a regular single guy talk about his life.

Hearing Lee describe his weekend - which includes spontaneous pub visits and sleeping until your body naturally wakes - can't help but turn on dad Blake.

“Oh my God... Say that again," says Blake, in mock arousal, "Say that thing about Saturday being free ... and no commitments.”

Imagine that - going out at 1 a.m., sleeping in, cooking breakfast just. for. yourself.

It's funny the kind of amnesia that strikes once you become a parent. It seems unfathomable to have so much free time to yourself, in which to do as you please, and no one to look after but yourself. I think that kind of amnesia serves an evolutionary purpose - without it we would probably feel bitter and even a bit depressed.

Don't know about you, but I can hardly remember the carefree days before my son was born. And personally - OK, except for the sleep part - I wouldn't change a thing about my chaotic, kid-centric life.

Hey, a girl can still fantasize...

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