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Woman Hits Tim Hortons Drivethru in Style

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Tim Hortons Drive Thru Experience |

Forget lumberjack plaid and maple syrup. The only thing possibly more quintessential Canadian than snow itself is Tim Hortons - or, rather, a Timmies run in the middle of a deep freeze. And, as a New Brunswick resident discovered, you shouldn't let one get in the way of another.

The recent cold snap didn't deter Alyson Mitton from her getting her caffeine fix. 

The dog trainer simply strapped her pair of border collies up to a sled and headed to her local Sussex drivethru. Because when you need your double-double, nothing else will do. 

And true to Canadian fashion, Mitton wasn't going to let a bit of weather - even Maritime winter weather - stop her from her daily rituals.

"It was just a slick sidewalk and stormy day, [there] was hardly any traffic, there was nobody walking, so that was our opportunity," said Mitton, whose province was one among others in Atlantic Canada to receive a significant dump of snow.

Mitton assuages concerns that the dogs pulled only a "light-weight." And though they are not huskies, you need only watch the footage to see how happy they are to be working for their Timbits. 

(Yes, Canadian dogs love their Timbits as much as their humans do.)

I wonder if, in light of this popular video, Timmies will start making a steak-flavoured Timbit... That would really be something, eh?

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