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Mom Draws Amazing & Accurate "Mom Brain Map"

"My Kids are so awesome and evil at the same time"

What goes on in a moms brain |

If ever there was any doubt that women are thinking a million things at once, this viral drawing by the wife of a Redditor has laid it to rest.

While we moms may be able to juggle at least a dozen tasks simultaneously, our brains are busy firing many more thoughts.  
“Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind. This is her response,” posted user ‘bpwwhirl’ and I bet he was sorry he asked after seeing the brainstorm maelstrom she produced. 

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Work, chores, student debt, kids, food, feminism... Like most of us, this mom is thinking it all. Yes, even a tiny pocket is reserved for sex. (Then again, so does the dust under the fridge, so let's maybe not read too deeply into that last point.)

Making a "brain map" looks daunting, but maybe it's a step above the To Do list in that it helps us address - then scratch out - nagging worries and stressors like aforementioned dust bunnies.

If you fancy a home experiment, have you and your partner doodle out a mental map tonight, then compare. I have a feeling his would read a lot simpler: WORK - EAT- SEX??? - KIDS - SLEEP. If I'm right, then I envy the simplicity and the clarity. We women are riddled with contradictions and at the mercy of conflicting thoughts - kids are awesome/evil, food is good/food is the devil, look pretty/feminist guilt, etc.  

Don't know about you, but I could do with a giant eraser to clear a lot of the mental cobwebs on my own drawing.

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