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"Dancing Barista" Brings Smiles to Starbucks

A two step with your latte

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You all remember Carly Fleischmann? She famously wrote a book about her experience with autism despite the fact that she is nonverbal. She gave the world a glimpse of what autism feels like with this video, then she went on to university in Toronto.

Well, Carly has a birthday wish and that's for this video of a Starbucks worker she met to go viral. And after watching it, I think you'll agree it's not a big ask.

Firstly, the teenager named Sam works as a barista. So what, you might say? But then you wouldn't realize how very few people on the spectrum manage to find meaningful work at all, even though they show substantial skill and promise. Having a job of any kind is a huge deal.

Like lots of autistics, Sam can't keep his body still. But rather than calling him out for moving constantly, Sam's enlightened manager Chris saw the bigger picture. He understands the teen's very difference is what he brings to the table. Or counter, if you will.

Chris helped Sam channel his moves into dance. He's now known as the "Dancing Barista," and personally I'd sooner be served by someone with a bounce in his step, like Sam, rather than a dour robot.

We need more people like Chris doing that thing which everyone in business talks about but is in fact shit scared to do - think outside of the box.

We need more Chris' taking a chance on more Sams, who have so much to offer with a bit of support. 

So happy birthday to you, Carly! Thanks for sharing the "Dancing Barista" with the world. He's already made my week.

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