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New Twitter Account Finds Your Canine Twin

If you were a dog, what would you look like?

Twitter account finds dog twin |

They say everybody has a twin out there somewhere. First, celebrity doppelgängers were all the rage (hello Mary Louise Parker!). And who didn't wonder what it must be like to spend every day looking exactly like Taylor Swift, as this young Aussie does. Now our attention has turned to canine lookalikes. 

Yes, the highly entertaining and delightfully pointless Twitter account @YouAreDogNow has but one important job: to pair your headshot with a pooch that bears an uncanny resemblance.

The @YouAreDogNow account is 21K followers strong, and I must admit some of their matchmaking is really pretty striking.

Take Chris Pratt, for instance.

Or J-Law.


I have tweeted them myself. Now all I have to do is sit pretty and wait. I bet they are dog tired from all the media attention.

After this story of the cat that looks just like Adam Driver, I expect a @YouAreCat handle to crop up at any time. 


Corey, otherwise known as the Adam Driver cat, was adopted in a heartbeat due to his distinctive features - but sadly not by the Star Wars actor himself. Now that would have brought 'people looking like their pets' to a whole new, trippy level.

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