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Kids Have Power to Surprise in Christmas Giving Video

I choose family

Christmas Gift Video |

If you ask most kids what their favourite part of Christmas is, it's safe to assume most will answer: PRESENTS.

But children have the power to surprise, and surprise they did in a video by the agency, Rob Bliss Creative.

"I created this video because I felt that there's an assumption that all kids care about regarding Christmas is getting presents," said Bliss. "I wanted to put that idea to the test and find out the truth."

In the segment, kids from low-income families in Georgia are asked what they and their parents would like for Christmas.

It's amazing to see the kids' faces light up and their eyes pop as their wish list items are brought out. Lego... Xbox... Laptops...

Yet - of course - there is a catch. The kids are then given an agonizing ultimatum. You can have one gift but not both.

Sure, the cameras are rolling. Nonetheless, their responses are guaranteed to get the waterworks going. Out of 18 kids, 80 per cent chose to give rather than to receive.

"Legos don't matter," says nine-year-old Aaron. "Your family matters - not Legos, not toys - your family. So, it's either family or Legos, and I choose family."

What is truly moving are the reasons kids list for giving back to their parents. Some of these families can't even afford Christmas trees, so it's wondrous to see where their hearts are at.

You can probably predict what happens next, yet it's still well worth the watch and all the feels that follow.

Happy holidays everyone!