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German Holiday Commercial Will Make you Cry Like a Baby

Have yourself a sobbing little Christmas

Tearjerker Christmas Commercials |

We all lead such busy lives that it can be hard to round up families, even once a year. It's a fact that German supermarket laments in its holiday commercial, which has not surprisingly gone viral. 

The Edeka ad starts with a retiree's daughter making excuses for why her family can't join him on 25 December.  After a heartrenchingly lonely Christmas dinner, the grandfather comes up with a rather cunning plan to get his family together in one room.

Fast forward a few months and... Well, I won't reveal much more. You'll have to watch for yourself (with captions on).

Suffice to say, as a reflection of the times, the ad takes an awfully morbid turn. 

Holiday commercials are supposed to gently tug on the heartstrings. Be warned, this one by Edeka yanks the hell out of them. 

People, let's never get so busy that we lose sight of what's important. Never.

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