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Feminist's Secret Bread Ingredient Churns Stomachs

The Bread Basket Will never be the same

Making bread from vagina yeast |

Who doesn't love a bit of homemade cooking? Well, there's homemade and then there's, uh, this.

A feminist blogger by the name of Zoe Stavri, aka “Another angry woman,” got the genius idea to do something useful with her thrush, like pitch it in to make her own sourdough. Because waste not, want not. 

Except, I don't know about you, but I don't fancy consuming my own bodily secretions.

The concept is not entirely novel, though. Actual cookbooks, like Natural Harvest, exist in order to make good use of what many carelessly toss away.

There's recycling and upcycling and paying it forward - and puking it up. Which is the response most people had when Stavri live-tweeted her cunning culinary plan on social media - complete with images of her yeast (some of which was homemade) fermenting in a bowl. 

She even bestowed the project the charming hashtag #c*ntsourdough.

Though some chefs defended Stavri's methodology, saying "yeast is yeast," others told her she had the wrong idea about sourdough and hers was a recipe for disaster.

But Stavri claimed there was nothing untoward or remotely unhygienic about her recipe.

"There’s probably far grosser things going on in the food you’re eating than a trace amount of vaginal yeast," she wrote. She has a point, but still...

Much like the vaginal knitter, Stavri is the latest in a line of woman desperately trying to drum up funds - she urged readers to contribute to her donation page - by going where no woman in her sane mind would want to go. Frankly, it's an idea that should have stayed fermenting (sorry).

She's getting lots of attention on the back of her cooking project, which was no doubt the point. One thing's for sure, her next dinner party will be a very lonely affair.

On the upside, it's just made the Atkins diet look a lot more palatable. R.I.P. bread. New Year's resolutions are staring early this year.