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Jamie Oliver's Kids Keep it Real in the Kitchen

"Dad, I need the toilet!"

Jamie Oliver and Kids in Kitchen

Jamie Oliver's kids stole the show in a recent clip from his YouTube food channel. The celebrity chef was trying to throw together a kid-friendly pizza when his son Buddy - totally unfazed by the fact that dad was being filmed for the telly - heeded nature's call. Then and there. 

Because apparently rich celebrity chefs don't have indoor plumbing...

To Oliver's credit, he took a potentially embarrassing situation and handled it like a champ, nary like a dad. 

As Buddy opens the door to the backyard, Oliver quips, "that boy will go to the toilet anywhere."

Where others would have faltered, the British chef jokes his way through the awkwardness, and the result is a perfect recipe for what parenthood is all about. Stuff the pizza.

"I’m leaving that [part] in for all the parents out there, because you parents are all going 'Yeah I’ve got one of those too,'" says Oliver, whose kids are delightfully cheeky showstoppers.

The five-minute footage is such a welcome change from other cooking shows, which tend to be clinically neat and soulless. 

Oliver & Family keep it real and sloppy and chaotic. And you may well see your own family reflected in that charming, flour-dusted mayhem.

As for Buddy, he returns to the set where, after a reminder to wash his hands, he proudly declares that the whole world saw him.  

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