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This Photo of a Little Girl in Water Has Everybody Confused


Remember THE dress? The one that caused the internet to flip out over the course of a couple days. Was it blue? Was it white and gold? Everyone it seemed had a differing opinion and would swear to the death that what they saw was legit.

No one could agree - until science finally settled it. 

Well, there's a new debate in town, and this one has already had 4 million views on Imgur with people puzzling over a photo known as 'Waterception.'

Is the little girl immersed in water, or simply splashing in it?

On one hand, bubbles appear to be coming out of her nose (which suggests she's underwater), or are they merely droplets caused by her splashing in shallow water?

The good people at TechInsider have studied the image closely and made a few observations:

Her ponytail appears dry and is not floating. Her head doesn't look submerged.

Conclusion: the use of a filter on Instagram is responsible for messing with our eyes and making it appear as though the tot is underwater when, in fact, she is splashing in shallow water. 

Or is she? 

Image Source: imgur

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